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Name: Seth Johnson

Seth Johnson Tumblr10

Basic Info:

Birthday: February 1st
Relationship Status: In a relationship (has a girlfriend)
Interested in: Women

Work & Education:

Job: Sergeant in the Army
Education: Finished school, but went through military training instead of college.

About you:

- Has been back in Amethyst Lake for a little over a month after returning from duty.
- He returned recovering from injuries he’d received and is still attending therapy.
- The men he’d been responsible for were killed from the same event that Seth was injured from.
- As well as being in therapy to help recover from his injuries, Seth has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder since returning, blaming himself for what happened.
- He’s been distant with his friends, including his girlfriend and his family since he returned. (his friends/family obviously know this)
-Since being officially released from the hospital, he’s slowly become more reliant on alcohol to help himself cope.
-He hates going for his physical check ups because it means he has to speak to his cousin Casey.

Family: Jamie Carson (older brother)
Hailey Peyton Johnson (younger sister)
Casey Johnson (cousin)

Character Face: Cam Gigandet

Played By: Sami


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