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Name: Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson House-10

Basic Info:

Birthday: May 18th
Relationship Status: Single
Interested in: both

Work & Education:

Job: Doctor at the local medical clinic
Education: Recently finished med school

About you:

- Despite being a doctor, can be shy at times, mostly away from work.
- Usually friendly, but can be mean/violent after drinking. (he’s ashamed of this and tries to avoid drinking because of it)
- Doesn’t get along with his cousin Seth but treats his other cousins like they’re his brother and sister. (all his friends know this)
- Is hydrophobic (when it comes to swimming, not drinking water/washing).
- Plays violin and occasionally tries writing his own music. (Too shy to play in front of people, usually only does so when he’s alone)
- Prefers the quiet at home instead of hanging out somewhere, unless it’s with his closest friends or two cousins.
- He and his family are originally from Canada, they moved to Amethyst Lake a few years ago so Casey could attend med school.

Family: Jamie Carson (Cousin)
Seth Johnson (Cousin)
Hailey Peyton Johnson (Cousin)

Character Face: Jesse Spencer

Played By: Sami


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