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Name: Mikey Chase

Mikey Chase Toront10

Basic Info:

Birthday: September 13th
Relationship Status: Single
Interested in: both (prefers men)

Work & Education:

Job: Works in the videogame section of the electronics store.

About you:- Is a geek, loves games and comics etc.
- Was suspended during his senior year for hacking into the school’s computer system. (Anyone who went to school with him knows about this)
- Has mood swings and often snaps at people. (caused by how he’s been treated at home before speaking to someone)
- Has OCD, though he tries to hide the habits caused by it as best he can. He has trouble doing so when he’s nervous or upset though.
- His OCD causes him to get a bit obsessive at times over things –and people- he likes.
- Decided not to go to college so he had more time to work and earn money.
- Still lives with his family, though he’s trying to save up to move out.
- He rarely gets along with his father and brother. His brother bullies him and his father’s no better after drinking.
- Dated Artemis during their senior year. His older brother knows and likes to rub in the fact that it didn’t end well.
- Grew up without his mother, she left before he even started school. (his friends know this)

Family: Michael Chase (Father)
Jeremy Chase (half brother)

Character Face: Elijah Wood

Played By: Sami


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