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Name: Artemis Jakob Westmore

Artemis Westmore Tumblr11

Basic Info:

Birthday: August 3rd
Relationship Status: Dating Alex Shelley
Interested in: men
Languages: English, French (though he mostly only speaks it around family)

Work & Education:

Job: unemployed, looking for part time work
Education: Studying Marine Biology in college, about to start his senior year.

About you:

- Has always loved fish and the ocean, he wanted to work in an Aquarium even when he was a child.
- Enjoys painting and drawing as a hobby.
- Hides the fact that he likes other men from his parents, worried they’ll react badly.
- He’s very protective of his family, especially his twin brother. (All his friends know this)
- He’s the ‘good’ twin, the one who his parents pay more attention to and rarely see doing wrong. (All his friends know this)
- Had a brief relationship with Mikey during their senior year. (Only told his brothers about this)

Family: Jakob and Anastasia Westmore (parents)
Jacen Westmore (twin brother)
Dante Westmore (younger brother)

Character Face: Taylor Kitsch

Played By: Sami


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