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Name: Forrest Jacen Westmore

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Basic Info:

Birthday: August 3rd
Relationship Status: Changes every other week
Interested in: women
Languages: English, French (though he barely speaks it, if at all)

Work & Education:

Job: Occasionally performs at bars and other places/goes between part time jobs.
Education: Went to a performing arts school, did theatre studies.

About you:

- Plays guitar and sings, hoping to get a job in the music business.
- Often gets in trouble for drinking by his parents and by police.
- Has recently started smoking and using drugs, influenced by someone he used to be in a band with.
- He’s often rude to people, simply because he can be.
- Will occasionally quote lines from plays/musicals.
- Doesn’t take relationships seriously, most only last a week or so.
- Writes his own songs, but still performs covers of other songs. (people who’ve seen him perform know this)
-Hates his first name and rarely tells anyone what it is.

Family: Jakob and Anastasia Westmore (parents)
Jacen Westmore (twin brother)
Dante Westmore (younger brother)

Character Face: Ben Barnes

Played By: Sami


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