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Name: Andrew ‘Andy’ Torres

Andy Torres 00ezra10

Basic Info:

Birthday: January 7
Relationship Status: In a relationship (though he wants to get out of it)
Interested in: Both (Refers to himself as being ‘gender-blind’)
Languages: English

Work & Education:

Job: Works part time at a local restaurant as a waiter.
Education: Attending a Dance School (Works at the restaurant to help pay for it)

About you:
Andy’s parents divorced when he was young and he grew up with his father, who rarely let him see his mother. When he found out Andy liked other males as well as females and wanted to attend a dance school, he got angry and started acting much colder towards his son. Annoyed with the way he was treated, Andy ran away from home, staying with friends or in shelters until he managed to find out where his mother lived, eventually going to stay with her.
Wanting to keep their distance from Andy’s father, the two of them moved to Amethyst Lake, where Andy works part-time so his mother doesn’t have to spend what little money they have on his dance school.
The problem with working as a waiter though is that he can be quite clumsy at times. He doesn’t mind not having much at home, simply happy that his mother actually supports what he’s doing, even if she can’t help much herself.

(They just moved to town so no one would really know anything about them)

Mother: Marisa Torres (Andy took his mother’s name when he went to live with her)

Character Face: Ezra Miller

Played By: Sami


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