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Eddie Parker Lewis

Eddie Lewis Tumblr_mgjee3IP5X1qci06eo1_500

Basic Info:

Birthday: December 25th (Christmas Day)
Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle
Interested in: Men
Languages: French, English

Work & Education:

Job: Personal Trainer, Actor in local community theater
Education: Going to college to get a degree in acting and directing with a minor in dance

About you:
Eddie's family was a family who loved the fine arts and were involved in most of them. His little sister, Emilie, was a dancer who died in a car accident when Eddie was driving her home drunk. He moved away from his family, afraid they hated him for what he had accidentally done. He came to Amethyst Lake and turned his life around, majoring in the arts though he doesn't tell most people what he's doing. He's a personal trainer by day, making sure people keep in shape but by night he's a college student who hopes one day to get work on Broadway or in Hollywood.

Stan Lewis- father
Leanne Lewis- mother
Emilie Lewis- little sister (deceased)

Character Face:
Eddie Redmayne

Played By:

Eddie Lewis

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