Beca James's Family

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Beca James's Family

Post by Alex Shelley on Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:50 am

Travis James The father of Angel, Beca and their other siblings. He loved his family and was killed trying protecting his wife from a robber, he is sorely missed by everyone.

Sonya James The mother of Angel, Beca and their other siblings. She was a wonderful mother, she was injuried by the robber and passed away later at the hospital.

Angel James The eldest of the James siblings, she takes care of all the younger ones especially Beca because of her heart. She is engaged to be married in the summer.

Tucker Blake Angel's fiance, he is like family to the siblings.

Skyler James The second oldest, he is only a year younger then Angel. He and his girlfriend have moved in together, though he will go whenever his siblings call.

Peri Williams Skyler's girlfriend.

Leo James The second youngest, he is an artist and looking for a boyfriend.

Beca James The youngest, she was born with a heart problem. This causes her siblings to be protective and take care of her a lot.

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