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Teegan Barrett

Teegan Barrett James_Scott

Basic Info:

Birthday: May 30th
Relationship Status: Single
Interested in: Both
Languages: English (American), English (a.k.a British), French

Work & Education:

Job: Secretary at his brothers law firm, though he has been writting and working on a script for a play for years
Education: Studied for two years at Cambridge University before enrolling at Amethyst Lake University

About you:
Teegan always knew that he was different: preferring to play pretend when he was a child as opposed to playing sports with the few friends that he did have. However, after seeing the harsh way that his father acted when his older brother Wade hid something from him and he found out, Teegan forced himself to act like a normal teenage boy. He found that he wanted to study law like his brother and enrolled at Cambridge when he was old enough. When his mother and father were divorced, he decided to move to America. He found his brother and enrolled at the college in Amethyst Lake, though he really wanted to attend college to be an acting and directing major know that he knew that he was in no danger of getting kicked out.

William Barrett- father
Victoria Barrett- mother
Wade Barrett- older brother

Character Face:
James Scott

Played By: (your name)
Teegan Barrett
Teegan Barrett

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