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The Richards/Mallard family Empty The Richards/Mallard family

Post by Amy Richards on Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:12 pm

The Richards/Mallard family Stevie_Richards_3_crop_340x234
Eddie Richards- a prominent lawyer, husband to Danica Richards, and father of Amy Richards. He was a bit of an alcoholic and when drunk verbally abusive to Danica. Other than that, however, he was a model citizen. He and Danica were killed in a drunk driving incident when Amy was only nine.
(Stevie Richards)

The Richards/Mallard family Julianne-moore-robbed
Danica Richards- a prominent judge, wife to Eddie Richards, and mother of Amy Richards. She was a catering housewife who took years of verbal abuse from her alcoholic husband. She and Eddie were killed in a drunk driving incident when Amy was only nine.
(Julianne Moore)

The Richards/Mallard family 20130116-085256
Amy Richards- a librarian who is the daughter of Eddie and Danica Richards. She was only nine when she lost her parents and was moved to Amethyst Lake so that she could live with her uncle Donald.
(Emma Stone)

The Richards/Mallard family Ncis-t-david-mccallum
Donald "Ducky" Mallard- Amy's uncle and a gentleman who she came to live with when her parents died.
(David McCallum)

The Richards/Mallard family Amyric10
Amy Richards
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