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Carter and Nolee's family Empty Carter and Nolee's family

Post by Carter Lacroix on Tue Mar 26, 2013 5:02 pm

[center]Carter and Nolee's family Jason-aldean
Carter Lacroix- the oldest child in the Lacroix family. He's a bartender at the same bar that Jacen Westmore sings at but knows he could do a better job than Jacen at entertaining bar goers. Though he's brash, he's also very shy to play music in front of people.

Carter and Nolee's family Taylor-Swift_2
Nolee Lacroix- the youngest child in the Lacroix family. She's a college student who works part time as a tutor while on route to becoming a teacher. She has a love for baking and is often seen donating things to the homeless. She's not as outgoing as Carter but she's every bit as fun.

Carter and Nolee's family Leebrice1_h
Kip Lacroix- the second oldest (only because he was born before Vance) child and the twin to Vance Lacroix. He's a rowdy, rough country boy who is currently over seas in Iraq and plans on coming back to America to start a resteraunt.

Carter and Nolee's family
Vance Lacroix- the third oldest (only because Kip was born first) child and the twin to Kip Lacroix. He's very sophisticated and well mannered, leaning more towards the Evans family of his mother than to the Lacroix family of his father. He's currently a recording artist in Nashville.

Carter and Nolee's family Angelina-jolie-signs-on-to-direct-a-project-thats-older-than-her
May Lou Evans- the former wife to Harris Lacroix and mother to Nolee, Carter, Kip, and Vance. Though once very much in love with the rowdy redneck, she fell out of love when she realized that Harris was never going to change his ways and stop drinking and partying. Her whereabouts are unknown and she doesn't have much interaction with her children.

Carter and Nolee's family Trace_Adkins_Publicity_Photo_2
Harris Lacroix- the former husband to Mary Lou Evans and father to Nolee, Carter, Kip, and Vance. He was once a redneck who owned a nice bit of land and gave it up to marry his high school sweetheart. During this time he became a drunk and a womanizer, often cheating on his wife. Costing his kids the only chance they had for a normal life, Harris is now in prison for his part in a robbery gone wrong.

Carter and Nolee's family Carter10
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