The family of Adam and Jay (people like family too)

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The family of Adam and Jay (people like family too)

Post by Tyler Black on Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:04 am

Adam Copeland The older brother of Jay.

Jay Copeland The younger brother of Adam.

Cooper Copeland The husband of Judy and father of Adam and Jay. He went missing when Adam was five. While he's not sure what happened when he came back his brother-in-law Vincent informed him that his wife had died and the boys lived with him now. Vincent planted the seeds in Coopers mind that the boys would hate him if they knew he was alive and now he lives outside of town to be close but so they won't know that their father is still alive.

Judy Darwin Copeland The wife of Cooper and the mother of Adam and Jay. She was a very loving and caring wife and mother, after Cooper went missing she moved in with her brother with the boys. When Jay turned eight she got sick and pasted away months later.

Vincent Darwin The husband of Juliet, father of Peter and Jacob and uncle of Adam and Jay. To his second wife, sister and daughter Vincent comes across as a kind and caring man, but to his son's and nephew's he is abusive despite them being family. In business he is ruthless and because of this he has become rich and rumored to be in with the local mob.

Juliet Darwin Loving wife of Vincent and step-mother of Peter and Jacob. Kind and caring if a little selfesh at times, she is blind to how her husband treats her step-son's and nephew's. She adores her daughter with Vincent and this leads her to ignore how much like her father she is.

Peter Darwin Older brother of Jacob. He takes after his father alot and can be very cruel and manipulating, but he is fiercly protective of his younger brother Jacob. Jacob is the only one that keeps his brother from compeltely turning into their father and he loves his brother dearly.

Jacob Darwin Younger brother of Peter. He is close to his brother and cousin's, he's kind and hardworking. He never understood why his father hates him, but he is grateful his step-mother is caring.

Victoria Darwin The only daughter of Vincent and Juliet, she is most commenlly called a spoiled bitch. She is crual to her older half brother's and her cousins, she likes to fool her mother into thinking she is innocent. She is angry that despite being her father's favorite that Peter will some take over the company.

Chris Jericho Adam's best friend. He's been best friend's with Adam for years and treats Adam and Jay like brother's.

AJ Styles Jay's best friend. He's been Jay's friend since junior high and treats Jay like a brother.

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