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Post by Admin on Tue Jan 01, 2013 3:19 pm

~ OOC Drama is not welcome here, keep the drama between characters only and remember that bad comments about a character are the views of other characters and not the people playing them. If you suspect that the posts are genuinely hateful towards you/your character, please inform an admin instead of creating arguements/further issues.

~ Please keep 'social media' posts and thread posts seperate (unless using the 'social media' post as part of a thread's plot). Do not post them in the wrong section and make sure you follow the posting guidelines of each or the post may be removed to save confusion among other rp'ers.

~ Make sure you put effort into your posts, your rp parenter may find it hard to reply if you only ever post a few words that don't leave much option for them to respond to. Don't be afraid to add to the plot and don't turn a thread into something all about your character, they're about everyone involved, just like the real world doesn't revolve around one single person.

~ Please discuss all thread/relationship ideas with the other rp'er first before posting them. To save the board being crowded with dead posts, make sure all rp'ers involved agree to a thread first...

~ You are welcome however to make open threads as long as they have a decent length opening (more than one sentence) and leave plenty of options open for someone to join in (more than something like '____ is lonely and sitting outside...'). If left unreplied to for a certain amount of time though you're encouraged to talk to someone about picking up the thread, otherwise it will be listed as 'dead' and be removed to avoid taking up space with a bunch of untouched threads.

~ Don't be afraid to ask others to do threads with a certain character if you see something about them that you'd like to work with (such as a character's common interests/experiences or a media post that catches your attention). More than one person in the town will have heard the news about another character so don't be afraid to suggest a thread even in one is already in progress following a media post -remember each character should respond to news differently, like real people would.

~ If you have any questions or concerns, speak to the admin. Remember PM's are private if you're worried about others responding to what you have to say.

~ You don't have to use the same relationships between characters that you have used on other sites, variety is encouraged. Keep in mind that not every relationship is perfect and not all of them last, not everyone has to be the 'perfect' couple and not everybody has to be part of a couple; just like not everybody is the same sexuality. It's okay for couples to split, see new people and maybe even repair the broken relationship in the end.

~ OC's are encouraged. Characters based on those from fantasy stories/games/movies etc will not be accepted as this RP is real life based. (e.g. Characters such as Harry Potter, Frodo, Iron Man etc do not belong in this RP. Their movie actors are however, welcome as character faces.)

~If your thread has/will have sexual content and/or sensitive material in it, please put a warning in the thread description. If you are unable to change it later on, let an admin know so they can make the necessary change.

~ Keep in mind that this is a real life based RP, meaning things work as they would for us. If your character is drinking/on drugs etc, they're going to suffer side effects from doing so. Characters stick to proper gender limitations, e.g. men are typically (but not always) stronger than women (a guy who works out is obviously going to be physically stronger than some regular skinny person) and only females are able to give birth.

~ Have fun! Don't be afraid to try new things in threads or to RP as characters you wouldn't normally.


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