Rina Gallagher

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Rina Gallagher

Post by S A M A N T H A on Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:52 pm

Name: Rina Anna Marie Gallagher

Basic Info:

Birthday: August 14th.
Relationship Status: Single
Interested in: Both
Languages: French, Italian

Work & Education:

Job: Waitress
Education: Pursing degrees in voice, and theatre

About you:
-- Rina Gallagher is the 22 year old younger sister of Reid Gallagher.

-- She has been strictly under her brother's care since she was fifteen.

-- Unlike her brother she could not be talked out of pursing a theatre career by her father, and is proudly studying in order to do so.

-- She is only waitressing long enough for her and her brother to earn the money to move to New York.

-- Once considered becoming a prostitute or an exotic dancer in order to make quick cash.

-- Is afraid she may never live her dream, because she isn't talented enough.

Family: Phillip Gallagher (deceased, father), Annamarie Gallagher (deceased, mother), Reid Gallagher (brother)

Character Face: Samantha Barks
Played By: Samantha Rai


*credit to MISSMIAOMEOW @ Tumblr*

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