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Reid Gallagher

Post by S A M A N T H A on Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:17 am

Name: Reid William Gallagher

Basic Info:

Birthday: December 12th.
Relationship Status: Single
Interested in: Men
Languages: English, French, Italian

Work & Education:

Job: Doctor in Adam Copeland's clinic
Education: Fresh out of Med school. Also took voice, and acting classes in his free time

About you:
-- Has been raising his sister since he was 18.

-- Was forced into the medical profession by his father, wanted to pursue career in theatre as a teen, but started applying for medical schools after his father starting making jabs at his son's sexuality due to his interest in theatre, not knowing his son was actually gay.

-- Lost his virginity to a random man behind a bar, just to spite his father.

-- Is only out to his sister Rina

-- Eventually wants to move out of town, and take Rina to New York, so they can be on Broadway together.

Family: Phillip Gallagher (deceased, father), Annamarie Gallagher (deceased, mother), Rina Gallagher (sister)

Character Face: Eddie Redmayne

Played By: Samantha Rai


*credit to MISSMIAOMEOW @ Tumblr*

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