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Name: Nathaniel Taylor

Nathaniel Taylor Brood-10

Basic Info:

Birthday: November 18th
Relationship Status: Single, recently divorced
Interested in: both (though he’s currently unaware he likes men as well)

Work & Education:

Job: unemployed, looking for work (he had to leave his old one when he moved)
Education: Has a degree in journalism

About you:

- Has only just moved into the town. (after divorcing his wife)
- Has a young daughter named Skye who lives with her mother.
- Wants to be a proper writer, but got a journalism degree because he figured it was an easier way to make money until he gets a book published.
- Wears glasses while reading/writing.
- Plays acoustic guitar and sings (though only really sings for his daughter)
- Has schizophrenia which causes him to seem withdrawn and occasionally awkward in public. (he takes medication for it)
- Is occasionally referred to as ‘Nat’ by friends.

Family: Skye Evans (daughter)

Character Face: Johnny Depp

Played By: Sami


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