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Post by Alex Shelley on Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:16 am

Name: Alex Shelley

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Basic Info:

Relationship Status: Dating Artemis Westmore
Interested in: Men
Languages: English and Italian

Work & Education:

Job: Part time at a record store.

About you:
-Is good friends with Jacen Westmore and currently lives with him and his family.
-His parents dissappeared when he was young.
-Is the lead singer in his own band.
-Has a fear of small spaces thinks to being locked into a box by bullies when he was younger.
-Has an abusive ex named Austin.

-Hates going to the doctor's.

Family: None

Character Face: Alex Shelley

Played By: MattieJay
Alex Shelley
Alex Shelley

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