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Post by Nolee Lacroix on Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:32 am

Name: Amelia "Amy" Richards

Amy Richards Emmast10

Basic Info:

Birthday: April 1
Relationship Status: Single
Interested in: Women
Languages: English, Klingon, Elvish

Work & Education:

Job: Works at a library
Education: Tells everyone she graduated high school and didn't want to go to college, despite being almost freakishly smart, she never even graduated high school

About you:
Amy is the epitome of nerd though she keeps it mostly hidden because she doesn't want to be made fun of. She loves all things video games, comic books, and computers but acts as if she is one of the cool girls. She doesn't like drinking because that's how she lost her parents and had to move in with her aunt and uncle. Some thing else she doesn't like, though keeps well hidden, is men. She's not a feminist but just finds that she can date women and hang out with the men easier than she can do the reverse. She hides her sexual preference and because of that, seems really quiet all of the time.

Family: (optional)
Mother (deceased): Heather Richards
Father (deceased): Anthony Richards
Aunt: Gwendolyn Pierce
Uncle: Austin Pierce

Character Face:
Emma Stone

Played By: Nols
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