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Post by Nolee Lacroix on Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:08 am

Name: Allen Carter Lacroix

Carter Lacroix 3610

Basic Info:

Birthday: April 1
Relationship Status: Single
Interested in: Men
Languages: English, Spanish but only learned it for his border runs for illegal alcohol in America

Work & Education:

Job: Bartender but hopes one day to be allowed to play his music in the bar
Education: Chose not to go to college so that his sister could

About you:
Carter is a "whiskey drinkin, cowboy chasin', hell of a time" to quote a Brooks and Dunn song. Though he'd never admit his background to anyone, he and the rest of his family grew up on the streets. He shares a strong bond with all of his siblings but he and Nolee seem to get along the best, so much that he chose not to go to college when Nolee wanted to. He currently bartends, having a vast knowledge of drinks because of how he much he loves alcohol, though he hopes one day to be able to play his music to milions of people.

Family: (optional)
Stepfather: Harris Lacroix
Sister: Nolee Lacroix
Stepbrother: Kip Lacroix
Stepbrother: Vance Lacroix

Character Face:
Jason Aldean

Played By: Nols

Nolee Lacroix
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