You're probably gonna write what you didn't see...

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You're probably gonna write what you didn't see... Empty You're probably gonna write what you didn't see...

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 01, 2013 2:13 pm

In the age of social media, nothing is safe. Everywhere you look people's personal lives are laid out for everyone to see and yours could be next...

~~In a town where reputation is important, the social media can be a dangerous thing.~~

Amethyst Lake looks like a nice enough town to live in on the outside, but those living there know better. Even the smallest of family dramas or arguements between friends could quickly become known to the neighbours; some will simply judge you silently for them, but some could use the information to their advantage.
Whatever you do, it's better just to assume someone has seen you and that your actions will soon be common knowledge, whether it's something as small as a bad mark on a test or an illness as simple as a cold, to something more extreme like an affair or a run in with the police.

~~How did this all start?~~

It all began with a simple blog know as 'What you didn't see', a blog dedicated to revealing secrets about those living within the quiet town of Amethyst Lake. As the blog started getting more popular and people started realising that the information posted on it was actually true, they started relying on it more and using what they read to their advantage.

~~Who started it?~~

Nobody knows exactly, besides the username of the person who runs the blog, a writer known as 'Skeeter', in reference to a fictional reporter in a popular book series who was infamous for writing stories for a newspaper in a similar way to how 'Skeeter' writes about their neighbours.


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